Cyber Investigators, LLC


Digital Forensic Services


cell phone forensics

Using the latest cell phone forensic tools, we can recover data from cell phones and wireless devices, including deleted data. Our deliverable work product will be something that you can understand and use in your case. We will provide a detailed report outlining chain of custody, details of relevant files, and appropriate recommendations.


We can provide electronic discovery services including recovery and production of data in accordance with best practices and established guidelines in your case. Recovered data can be provided in a variety of eDiscovery platforms and formats.

digital forensic analysis - Computers

Our capabilities are the same as those you would find at a local, state, or digital forensics lab. We use the same tools and methods that are employed every day by law enforcement agencies throughout the country to recover data in criminal cases. We can reconstruct a user’s activity on a computer, including recovery of deleted and hidden data. Through our forensic examiners, you have access to over 15 years of digital forensics and cyber experience.


When your company has been compromised through a network intrusion, cyber theft of proprietary data, ransomware attack, or cyber incident, we are here to help. We have extensive experience in cyber incident response and malware reverse-engineering.

expert witness testimony

Our professionals have testified as expert witnesses in local, state, and federal courts. We have extensive experience providing expert witness testimony at trial, deposition, and other legal venues.


We offer a variety of training courses for attorneys, law enforcement agencies, private detective agencies, and other private sector and government clients. These classes are designed to provide clients with the ability to fully understand digital evidence and use it to enhance their cases. For example, the one-day class “Digital Forensics for the Litigator” is a class aimed at providing attorneys with the skills necessary in order to become “educated consumers” of digital forensic evidence. They leave the class with the ability to confidently use this evidence as a component of their case. We also offer training on other topics including social media/open source investigations.


We provide consulting services to assist in your case, including review of digital forensic reports from other forensic examiners and providing information for rebuttal. We can make sense of digital evidence issues and provide suggestions to enhance your case.